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Top 4 Awesome Digital Business Ideas You Can Start With 15K Or Less Today


What if I told you that the digital ideas I am about to share with would work despite the very poor economic situation.

Will you believe me?

Well, I don’t need you to believe me just yet

There is only one way to find out….. Keep reading.

Some days back, I was scrolling through the popular Nigerian forum, nairaland as I always do, when I stumbled unto the post of a guy complaining about how the economy has brought his business to a halt.

He specifically complained about the power and fuel challenges

Seriously, I felt like crying for the guy but there was not much I could do for him

But by virtue of this post, I am doing something by giving you foolproof ideas that can never be affected by the economic issues.

It is going to be quite a long post because I intend to explain in detail where necessary

So, I need you to sit back, relax and take a deep breathe before reading beyond this point.


Business Idea One: Sell School Management Program To Schools Around You

Very few serious minded Nigerians have taken advantage of this business idea, from my last check, the business is still a virgin one in Nigeria.

What is this business about?

It is about selling a particular software program to Primary and Secondary schools around you.

The program is a web based program that is easy to install.

It allows Parents monitor the activities of their children without ever needing to come to the school.

Imagine a parent can be able to check the test and exams results of their children online.

The teachers can send messages to parents and vice versa.

Admin of the platform can send a message reminding parents of school fees payment or PTA meetings.

Students can take online test or exam, they can also check assignments as uploaded by the teachers.

If you are able to show these solutions to schools, they will pay you heavily for your service.

The last time I sold this to a school, I was able to get them to pay me 150k for it.

You can even charge more for it.

How to get into this business

First, you need to be able to get the software you are going to install for schools.

One way to get the software is to create it yourself or get someone who is a developer to create it for you.

This option can either be expensive and time consuming and our idea here is to make sure you can start with 15k naira at the maximum immediately.

Your best bet is to get already made software creators to give you the rights to install their programs for schools and keep all the profit.

The cost of starting this business is less than 15,000 naira because you won’t be buying the software with your money.

You only pay for it when a school has placed their order for the software.

If you are serious with this business, you should be making nothing less than 300k every month.

I wasn’t really serious about it and I was able to pull in a deal of 150k from the business. All you need to make 300k from this business is just 2 deals.

  • In my new e-book, I showed you an awesome easy to use software you can sell to schools around you.
  • I will show you a secret vault where you get schools not just in your area but your state.
  • I will show you one secret client getting strategy that works every time I learnt this while working in the bank. This strategy will get you at least 2 customers monthly.
  • what you need to do to make 150k your first month in this business.

You can order 5 Awesome Digital Business Ideas here


Business Idea Two: Selling Specialized Products

Specialized products are mainly physical products that solves a huge problem for a particular set of people.

Sometimes the specialized products aren’t exactly solutions to the problem but might aid in removing the embarrassment the problem brings.

Just imagine, a woman who is kind of overweight and is so ashamed to step out with friends to parties.

If you can provide a vest that hides the extra flesh, especially the belly fast, I bet she will pay you dearly for such a vest.

Same with men who cannot perform in bed and also women who are currently having boring sex lives.

If you can get them products to solve this problem, then you will be swimming in money.

How to get specialized products to sell

You can import these products from China through aliexpress and the likes

You can work hand in hand with companies in Nigeria.

The best way to do this is to order for the products from China at very cheap rates and resell in Nigeria for over 300% profit.

Cost of starting this business

You can start with 10-15k and be able to make about 50k from that sum n 14 days. Then you keep reinvesting until you can go into the business full scale.

In my e-book called 5 Awesome Digital Business Ideas, I listed 10 Specialized products you can order for very cheap and begin to sell almost immediately.

I also showed you different ways you can sell the products out very fast

You can order 5 Awesome Digital Business Ideas here


Business Idea Three: Start A Niche T-shirt Business

The T-shirt business is currently a lucrative one in Nigeria at the moment. You just need to find a market you can target.

If you are frequent on Facebook, you must have seen those T-shirts that read, “Genius are born in April”.

Those who are born in April would definitely love the concept and would buy the T-shirts.

There are so many other Niches you can tap into asides the popular birthday niches.

In my e-book, I will be showing you 5 other top niches that you can create and sell T-shirts in. You will be shown how to run powerful Facebook adverts to sell your T-shirts.

I will also show you how you can get quality T-shirts right here in Nigeria for cheap.

You can order 5 Awesome Digital Business Ideas here


Business Idea Four: Become A Video Consultant

Selling simple marketing videos to business owners is one of the hottest businesses on the block right now. To make it even sweeter, the competition in this area is still very low.

If you are fast enough (I believe you are), you should be making some quick cash before every other person gets a hold on it

Before you start thinking you cannot do this business because you don’t know how to create videos, just read on because I will show that it’s not only easy to do but you can start this business almost immediately without ever needing a camera.

What is the video creation business all about?

It is about creating 30-90 seconds catchy animated videos for business owners so they can use these videos to promote their products and/or services.

When you create these videos for them (at a fee of course), they have the choice of either adding it to the homepage of their websites or sending it out with their proposals.

How do you create these videos for business owners?

Creating these videos isn’t as hard as a lot of people might think, all you need to do this is a piece of software, yes a sweet software and within minutes you can have awesome animated videos even if you are currently a novice.

You also need to create a voiceover of your video scripts; this is something you can do by yourself or get someone on fiverr to do it for $5.

Cost of starting this business

The cost of starting the video consulting business is a little higher than 15k but with 20k, you are go to go.

  • In my e-book, I showed the exact software you use in creating videos for your clients.
  • How to get client for your video business.
  • How to get other free resources to make your video extra perfect so you can charge more.
  • And many other stuff

You can order 5 Awesome Digital Business Ideas here

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