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Facebook Ad Targeting: 3 Powerful Techniques To Reach Your Exact Audience


Proper facebook ad targeting is one phenomenon most online marketers haven’t been able to wrap their heads around.

I mean, you jump into facebook, create an advert, hoping for it to bring in great results, only for the ad to blow off right in your face….

Money, practically gone down the drain.

It can be really frustrating right?

I have been in that situation so many times until I started learning how facebook ad targeting really work.

I had a personal goal this year which I tagged “operation facebook must work”

This goal was to learn as much as possible about facebook ad targeting then reach out to more people and liberate them from their advertising misery.

More like the story of Moses freeing the children of Israel from the chains of the Egyptians.

You are here wondering why you’ve lost more than have gained on facebook advertising.. Your worries are finally over.

Facebook ad targeting technique one: Facebook Audience Insights

Before I do any form of advertising on Facebook, this is the very first tool I go to, audience insights.

Personally, I use the audience insight tool to analyse my audience and be able to know their demographics before I go into the ad manager.

What this tool does is that it gives me a foresight into the age range, sex, activities and relationship status of my audience.

See video below on how to do a proper facebook ad targeting with audience insights


Facebook ad targeting technique two: Be Creative With Focus-Based targeting

This has been one of the game changers in my Facebook ad targeting findings.

I’m still surprise that most people who run adverts on facebook still do not use this powerful technique.

or they probably do not know how powerful this technique can be.

You can target people based on expanded demographics, certain behaviour and interest.

See the how to video below


Facebook ad targeting technique three: Custom Audience and Lookalike Audience

It is always a wise idea to properly track your activities online especially for the sake of facebook ad targeting.

First, you can send your audience to a blog post so that they get acquainted to you and the content you offer.

The blog post should have a facebook pixel installed in it so that you can re-target those who visited the blog post with your other offers.

What this does is that, when you are re-targeting your blog visitors, you have a level of confidence that they are interested in what you have to offer.

See the video below to understand pixels and facebook audiences better

Using videos to increase your chances for success

While using video adverts in itself isn’t a facebook ad targeting technique, it is worthy of note because it will make the other techniques I showed above even more powerful.

I recently did a test on facebook; I ran two adverts,

a video ad and a variation of the same advert in graphics’

Do you know what happened?

My video advert floored the graphics ad hands down.

Not only was I able to reach more people with the video ad,

I got more link clicks to my page and I was paying way less than the graphic advert

For obvious reasons video gets more engagement than the graphic ads.

Facebook is encouraging people to use more of videos; as an incentive, they try to make video adverts cheaper than the normal graphic ads.

Before you think about other facebook ad targeting strategies, first consider using videos.

Just imagine for a moment how cheap your ads costs will be if you are able to get your focus based facebook ad targeting spot on while using video adverts.

I mean, your advert cost would be so cheap


Facebook advertising is not what you just rush into;

Take out sometime to plan before going into Facebook to advertise or else you will lose your income faster than the gamblers in Las Vegas.

Make sure your video or graphic is ready, write and rewrite your ad creative till it’s good enough.

More importantly, you should keep learning.

Facebook ad targeting is not that difficult if you set your mind to it.

Now, I pass it you

How have you been running your facebook ads?

Have you had success with your style? mind sharing?

Or better yet…

If you are struggling with your facebook ad journey, how may I be of help? Let me know in the comment box below

Also take some time out to share this content… You may never know whose life you are touching.

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4 Responses
  • Paul Adebayo
    September 1, 2017

    Hello, thanks for the wonderful post, it’s an eye opener. You mentioned using videos for adverts. How can I create these videos for my adverts?

    I have no knowledge whatsoever about video creation. Is there a special tool or something?

    Thank you

    • Ike Okolie
      September 1, 2017

      Hello Paul. Thanks for your comment.

      There are so many tools for video creation but most are quite expensive.

      The video software I use for my own adverts is youtube editor, you just get a video from youtube, edit it to yours and advertise with it.

      I will be holding a free training on facebook advertising soon. You can join using any of the forms on this page.

  • Victor
    September 6, 2017

    Great post. Really really impressive.

    • Ike Okolie
      September 6, 2017

      Thanks Victor. Glad you found it useful

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