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How To Make 6 Figures Selling Digital Products On The Internet Even If You Know Nothing


If you really want to make money on the internet, you have to give something of value in exchange for that money.

in clear terms you have to sell something, it is really as simple as that.

The best stuff you can sell on the internet are DIGITAL PRODUCTS

Digital products are mainly electronic products that you create once and keep selling over and over again.

These products are usually very cheap to create, sometimes at zero cost.

Some examples of digital products are:

E-books– they are books which can be read using an electronic device like a computer, phone or tablet.

Videos– you can create videos teaching people how to do something awesome and get paid for it

Audios– You can also teach people through audio formats and get paid.

Webinar– a webinar is a seminar/workshop that is done online.

Software– you can create a software that solves a pressing problem and make money from it.

Services– these days people sell consulting, graphics and web design and coaching services on the internet.

The question now should be… how can you sell digital products on the internet?

This article would take you through the step by step guide on how to sell and make money online.

Let’s roll in

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Step One: Find and Solve a big problem or need

The internet is a very big market place with a lot of people who have problems and need immediate solutions.

You can be the solution to that problem and earn a living on the internet doing so.

The best solutions to provide on the internet are usually those that deals with our emotions.

Someone who is overweight would pay any amount to get a solution to the weight problem.

Someone who is broke would do anything to find a solution to that issue.

A woman who hasn’t been able to give birth would pay anything to get that solution

Your duty as someone who wants to make money on the internet is to find a niche (a market) that you are comfortable with.

Then begin to sell your solutions to people in that niche.

I have sold digital products on how men can satisfy their wives in bed and it was a very successful business.

I know of someone who currently makes 7 figures selling digital products to women who want to lose weight.

The types of solution you can sell on the internet are limitless.

Step Two: Create a Product

The product would be the vehicle you use in offering your solution

Your products can be in any of the formats mentioned earlier.

You can create and sell an e-book, a video or a software.

Organize a webinar or simply provide a service.

You can create digital products in almost any niche even if you aren’t an expert in that niche.

I was able to create e-books in the sexual health niche for men without being an expert in that area.

I am not a sex therapist, neither am I a Doctor but I did it.

How can you do this

  • You do your research and come up with a nice product. Google is your friend.
  • You can use Private Label Rights products, where you buy an already made product and make it yours
  • You can get an expert in that niche or any writer to create the product for you.

In my case, I did my research and developed the products myself using pieces of information I found on google.

For some of my other e-books I used PLR products.

Creating your product shouldn’t be that hard, you can even get someone on to do it for you.

If you don’t have the cash to pay for product creation then you do it yourself.

Step Three: Create your website and marketing pages

It is no longer news that you need a website if you want to build a real business on the internet

At the mention of website creation a lot of people shiver but it is actually easy to do.

With programs like wordpress, you can get your blog and pages running in matter of minutes.

In selling online there are three types of web pages you should focus your attention on.

Your squeeze page, your sales page and your blog.

These 3 types of pages serve different purposes at every point in your marketing

The squeeze page job is to collect the contact details of those who land on the page. It is usually a short page with just a form and few information.

On the squeeze page, you have to give something for free in exchange for the contact details of people.

Why do you need the contact details?

Very simple, so you can contact them later, bond with them, win their trust and ultimately sell to them.

The sales page is like your online salesman. Its job is to make sure people who land on it pay you for your product.

It is usually a longer page whose sole purpose is to make those who land on it buy something.

Your blog is the place where you do your content marketing.

A blog is like a diary where you write content to teach people about your brand, products and services.

The good news about all these is that you can create your squeeze page, blog and sales page with wordpress

Your squeeze page helps you get the customers in, your sales page helps in selling your products and your blog helps you use content marketing to follow up and ultimately sell.

Step Four: Promote your business

When it comes to promoting your business on the internet; only two things matter.

You have to first get the right people to see your page and then get them to give you their contact details.

It is after you get their contact details you start promoting your products to them

The best way to get people to see your page currently is through Facebook Marketing

And the only way to get people’s contact details is to sign up for an email marketing service provider

Facebook currently has almost any kind of people… The businessman, the gossip, single mum etc

This means you can reach almost anyone using Facebook Marketing.

This is how Facebook marketing works:

You run an advert and target only certain types of demographics.

Let’s assume I want to target a product towards married women who live in Lagos.

I can go into the Facebook Ad manager and tell Facebook to only show my advert to these set of people.

From my Facebook advert, I can send my visitors to my squeeze page for them to give me their contact details.

Facebook isn’t the only place you can get people see your pages but it is the only advertising platform I use for my business currently.

You can also advertise on newspaper platforms, on blogs like Linda Ikeji and even use fliers.

Step Five: Sell Your Products Or Service

This is the aspect where you finally make the money.

If you got the contact details of the right people then making money selling digital products would be a piece of cake.

Do you want me to work closely with you in taking your business to another level?

We will find a big problem, create a digital product to solve that problem, create your marketing pages then finally drive traffic to your pages and make sales.

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