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How To Register Your Business With CAC: The A-Z Guide


You got here because you want to learn how to register your business with CAC right?

I will show you how I registered my Business Name all online without ever needing the services of any Lawyer.

Here are the steps to be followed to register your business with CAC.

  1. Check the public search to be sure that the name has never been used
  2. Conduct a name search and reserve your name
  3. Register your business and pay the fees.
  4. Upload your documents to the portal.
  5. Submit your hard copy documents to CAC and get your Certificate.

Don’t let these 5 steps scare you, they are very easy.

In fact you will be doing most of it from the comfort of your bedroom.

Let me explain each step one after the other so you get to understand what it entails.

Let’s dive straight into the business of the day… Shall we?

Step One: Check the Public search to be sure that the name is available

This is one part you don’t want to skip if you intend to register your business with CAC.

The public search actually helps you know before hand if the name you intend to use is available.

To see the public search link go to the CAC website, the link is on their home page.

register your business with CAC

When the public search button is clicked, you will be redirected to a page where you input your proposed Business name.

That is the very first step to register your business with CAC, easy right?

Step two: Conduct a name search and reserve your name

At this point, you have to choose two names but before you choose the names you must register on their website.

When you click on online registration on the home page, a page like below would appear.

At the top right of the page is a create account button, click on the button and create your account.

Make sure you fill every word on the page correctly because CAC’s website is such that some information cannot be corrected after submission.

After creating the account, you come back to the page as shown above and click on “Reserve a Name Now”

You will be prompted to enter your username and password.

When that is done, a page like below opens

cac name search

In the name option box 1 & 2, just input the two names you have proposed and click next

Classification: Business name

Company type: Business name

Reason for availability search: New incorporation

General Nature of Business: Here,you choose the type of business you do.

Then click next

On the next page, you are going to see a summary of all your information and a section to provide additional information.

CAC business name

Fill the additional information accurately and make sure all the details provided are correct then click next.

This would take you to the page where you are to make payment

In order to save yourself the stress, make sure you choose any of the top payment options.

The top options allows you make payment fast and such payment is immediately recognized and logged to the system.

How do you want to pay: In my own case, I chose mastercard

Card holder name: Write the name as it is written on your card

Card number: The long number in front of the card

Expiry date: The date your card will expire.

CVV: The 3 digit code at the back of your card.

After filling this, click submit

If successful, you will get a success confirmation

Now you can go over to your registration tab to see the status of your name reservation

To see the status, click on “my reservation history” tab

Your status should be showing “awaiting approval”.

You can see that I submitted my application on 21st July and was approved on 29th July.

The commission was on strike then that was why it took that long. It should normally take 24-48 hours.

Take note that the name will only be reserved for 60 days

We can see that to register your business with CAC isn’t something you should give to someone else to do.

Step three: Register your business and pay the fees

When the proposed name is approved, the next step would be to register your business name and then pay the 10,000 fees.

This is another very simple step to register your business with CAC.

The very first thing you need to do here is to get your availability code, don’t panic, I will show you how

At the right hand side of this page under your reservation history, you will see an Action button.

Click on it then a drop down will appear. At this point, click download approval note.

You will get a PDF download like what you see below

Copy and keep the availability code somewhere.

Go back to your CAC page and click on registration as seen in the page below

Make sure you are on the registration tab, then paste your availability code on the box and click proceed.

The approved name attached to the code will appear.

Click on action then continue as seen in the picture above. You will see a page like below.

Make sure you choose the collection point as the state you currently reside

Follow the steps until you get to payment then make the payment of 10,000 naira with your card.

You will get a success notification if successful.

Step four: Upload your documents to the portal.

After making payment for your registration, you will be required to immediately upload your documents.

If this is not done, your business name registration will not be approved.

The four documents to be uploaded are:

Availability Print Out: The particular document we got our availability code from above

Identification: Any of International passport, Driver’s License, Voter’s card or National ID

Payment Receipt: I will show you where to get this

Registration Form: I will show you where to get this

For your payment receipt, you go to the registration tab and scroll down. See screenshot below

Your status at this point would still be showing “pending approval”

To get your payment receipt click on action and then “view payment history”

To get your registration form, click on “download form”

When you click on “view payment history” a page like the screenshot below comes up

Click download and save the file in a secure place on your computer

When you click “download form” you will get a form like below:

Print out this form and fill your information and that of those mentioned as proprietors clearly and correctly.

Attach your clear passport photograph and that of proprietors (if any)

Sign where necessary.

If this form is not well filled, your application would be disapproved.

Make sure you scan the documents after filling because it is the filled one that would be uploaded.

Put all the four documents in a folder in your computer.

Now it is time to upload and register your business with CAC.

to upload your document, go to CAC’s homepage and click on “Document Upload”

You will be taken to the point where you upload the document.

Insert your availability code in the box provided then upload all the documents and submit.

Step five: Submit your hard copy documents to CAC and get your Certificate.

Immediately your registration is approved and your RC number given, wait for about 2 days then approach the CAC office in your state for your certificate.

Make sure you go to the office with the hard copies of the files you uploaded in step four.

Sign a few documents and get your certificate.

I have just shown you in five easy steps how to register your business with CAC.

Is there anything I left out or do you have any question?

Just drop a comment below… I will reply shortly.

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