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How To Become A Highly Paid Digital School Consultant in Just 24 Hours


What does it take to become a highly paid digital school consultant?

Calm down, that is what this article is set out to address, by the time we are done, you will get to see how easy it is.

Imagine being able to provide unique digital solutions to private schools around you?

And the good thing about it is that you can start with almost zero capital

When I first tried this business, I made an extra 300k in just one month.

What is this business all about?

It is about setting up full fledged school management portals to private schools around you even if you currently have no technical knowledge.

You aren’t setting up any kind of portal but one that allows the school manage its activities seamlessly.

Where parents access the performance of their wards without ever coming to the school.

Features of a standard school management portal

  1. Parents and students can check test/exams results online.
  2. Teachers can give assignments which can be viewed by the students.
  3. Teachers can send test messages or e-mails  to parents from the website.
  4. Exam timetable can be generated by the admin
  5. Students can have access to their information even after they have graduated.
  6. Newsletters can be sent to parents e-mail, keeping them abreast on what is going on in the school.
  7. School fees payment can be made with their ATM cards.
  8. And a lot of other features.

Like I said, you can create these kind of websites and become a highly paid digital school consultant even if you know nothing about website design right now.

Here is how you do it.

Normally, to be able to create a portal with such features above, you need to have mastered coding but you don’t need to at this point.

All you will need at this point is a powerful software that does the job for you. The name of the software is called Inilabs school management software.

Though the software is not free but cheap, you don’t have to buy it until you get a job.

They also provide you with full tutorials so anyone with no technical knowledge can use it.

You can check the software out through this link

You can charge anything between 150k-300k depending on the school you are targeting.

When you get the software, it needs to be uploaded into the hosting account of the school.

To be able to do this, the school must have a domain name ( and the domain name must be hosted.

Here are the various ways you can get a school to patronize your service

Most schools already have websites but not all of them have portals that manages their activities seamlessly.

So if they have a website already, all you do is to create a special portal for them where they can login and do their thing.

You get schools by:

Cold calling them

Cold calling means calling someone who doesn’t know you to pitch your products or services to them.

This is the best way of getting the schools to listen to you, most times when you call them directly, you are sure of getting through to someone who is a decision maker.

In cases where they tell you to send down a proposal, reject this offer and instead confidently tell them you’ll like to do a face to face presentation.

You can politely say something like “I’m sorry, because of the nature of our program, we don’t work with proposals, we want you to really understand what it is about. Can we come in for a brief presentation tomorrow? This presentation would be at no cost to you or your school”

From experience, face to face presentation does wonders.

Go to the demo section of the inilabs software and take screenshots of the platform then use the shots to create a nice presentation.

You can get the numbers of these schools by using google or better still go to and search for schools in your area.

Pick their numbers up from there and call.

Have a target of calling at least 10 schools everyday, there is no way you won’t close at least 5 deals monthly.

That is a cool 750k monthly, assuming you charge 150k for your service.

Partner with insiders

The way I got my first school was by partnering with someone who was the secretary of the school.

She easily gave me access to the principal and the owner of the school.

At the end of the day, we did the job and she got her commission.

Look for people who already work in those schools and give them a deal they cannot refuse.

Get affiliates to promote your stuff

Another way is to get people who will do the marketing job for a commission.

You can advertise on your facebook wall to get people into your affiliate program.

Promise them a good percentage and see them work their lives out for you.

Points to note when doing your marketing.

  • The fact that a school already has a portal does not mean they are happy with it, still pitch yours to them.
  • Always let them know that your portal service is not subscription based. Most other portal service are subscription based. This would give you competitive edge.
  • When going to do your presentation, make a good impression. Take a taxi, uber, taxify and pam drive would do the magic.
  • Give your affiliates and partners good commissions, don’t be selfish.

This is one of the hottest services you can provide to private schools around you, just take the bold step and start reaching out to schools.

I have shown you how you can become a highly paid digital school consultant.

Check the comment box below and type in any question you may have.

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3 Responses
  • Alali Philip
    December 5, 2017

    Please my question; the presentation and demo, can it be done with phone or is is with PC alone? Thank you


    • Ike Okolie
      December 5, 2017

      Hello Philip, don’t let the fact that you don’t have a PC limit you. You can still pitch the services to schools, when they call you for a presentation, you can borrow a laptop from anyone and do it. It’s good you have a laptop for you presentation. Hope this answers your question?

  • Alali Philip
    December 5, 2017

    Yeah indeed it’s does thank you so much Boss

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