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4 Steps I Took To Grow My New Business From Zero To 6 Figures In 4 Months


Most times, people say that you have to nurture your business like a baby and wait for years before seeing results.

While that is quite true, I wasn’t really ready to take that path…. I wanted results fast

You know in life, there is always a shorter route to everything and sometimes short doesn’t mean bad.

When I left my 6 figured salary job and picked up the fancy name of an entrepreneur, all I had in mind was to find the shortest route to business growth.

I mapped out a plan and guess what? It worked.

That is what I will be sharing with you in the next couple of lines. I’m sure it will help you grow faster too.

Step One: Give Out So Much Value

One of the strategies I used to get the attention of many people was to give out so much value.

In the first month of my business, I wasn’t thinking about money, I kept on sharing just what I knew for free.

I created over 30 helpful videos in that month and guess what? I gave them all out for free.

By doing this, I was able to get my name out there faster, people began to take note and some even contacted me.

Before I knew what was happening, I began to gain some traction and became the go to guy for certain stuff in my industry.

The problem with a lot of people starting out their businesses is that, they want to make the money immediately.

Money will definitely come when you have given value upfront.

You are just coming in, you aren’t known in the market space yet.

The best way to stake your claim is to give awesome stuff before you begin to ask for money.

Step Two: Put Yourself Out There

What exactly do I mean by this? Let me try to explain with my own personal experience.

When I started my business, I searched for different whatsapp groups related to my business.

Then I contacted the admins of those groups, requesting to do a free training about something awesome in the group.

100% of the time, my request is granted.

In those training, I give so much value without holding back and most people go wow.

After the training, I get a lot of people contacting me and asking about my service.

I have sealed several deals well into 6 figures by doing just this.

Step Three: Connect With Influencers

An influencer is someone who has some form of authority over people in a certain niche.

When influencers talk, people naturally listen; when they write an article, people want to read it.

Influencers are not spirits. They are humans like you. Just like you, they have needs and fears.

One of the reasons for my fast business growth is because I have connected with people who are up there.

People who have thousands of the audience I want. I simply tap from a portion of their audience.

How am I able to do this?

Like I said earlier, influencers are humans; they have needs. What I do is to fulfill their needs.

I help them solve a very serious problem and in return, they talk about my business.

By doing so, I get to leverage on their platforms to grow my business.

Influencers abound in your industry; look for them, find out the challenges they have and request to solve it.

Even if they don’t talk about your business openly, a day would come when they will refer someone to you.

Step Four: Advertise Your Business On Social Media

The fact that I was getting some traction on my business didn’t make me relent on advertising my business.

There is something about advertising, it shows people that you are really serious about your business.

When people see your ad on Facebook, they immediately attach some form of importance to your business.

It’s a subconscious thing.

The best place to advertise your business right now is Facebook.

I have some successes doing this for my business and that of clients.

If as a business owner, you aren’t paying for ads on Facebook, you are leaving a whole lot of money on the table.

Conclusion: The amount of time you are willing to allow your business grow is totally dependent on you.

If you want fast growth, then you have to do all it takes to get it.

Two babies born the same day would never grow at the same pace. The one who is fed more will grow faster.

I leave you to ponder on this

How are you feeding your business?

Let me have your thoughts in the comment section below.



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