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One Tip That Can Help You Sell More Of Your Products On The Internet


I know how frustrating it can be when you spend time and energy to create a product but find out that no one wants to buy.


Sometimes you run ads but it seems like no one is taking action on your ads.


You are desperately looking for a solution right? You want more people to pay for your products and services.


The answer to your question might just be hanging somewhere in this post.


So, I implore you to read every word line by line so you don’t miss the salient points.

4 Steps I Took To Grow My New Business From Zero To 6 Figures In 4 Months


Most times, people say that you have to nurture your business like a baby and wait for years before seeing results.

While that is quite true, I wasn’t really ready to take that path…. I wanted results fast

You know in life, there is always a shorter route to everything and sometimes short doesn’t mean bad.

When I left my 6 figured salary job and picked up the fancy name of an entrepreneur, all I had in mind was to find the shortest route to business growth.

I mapped out a plan and guess what?

How To Become A Highly Paid Digital School Consultant in Just 24 Hours


What does it take to become a highly paid digital school consultant?

Calm down, that is what this article is set out to address, by the time we are done, you will get to see how easy it is.

Imagine being able to provide unique digital solutions to private schools around you?

And the good thing about it is that you can start with almost zero capital

When I first tried this business, I made an extra 300k in just one month.

What is this business all about?

It is about setting up full fledged school management portals to private schools around you even if you currently have no technical knowledge.

FAQs On Using Facebook Chat Bots To Build A Profitable Business


What is a Facebook chat bot?

A Facebook chat bot or messenger bot is like a robotic customer service person that automates conversations with customers and potential customers on your Facebook fan page and website.

You don’t have to be present all the time, you can get your bot to keep working for you, answering specific questions and making sales while you sleep.

Why should I get a chat bot for my business?

As a small business owner, you cannot monitor your business 24/7.

You need an assistant to help you answer questions and attend to customers when you are not there.

4 Important Business Skills You Should Have To Remain Relevant In The Digital Age


This article takes you through the important skills you should have as a business owner or aspiring entrepreneur if you must remain relevant in the business space.

I will also go ahead to show you how you can get these skills.

It is getting scary at the way events keep changing in the business space year on year.

The way we did business 5 years ago isn’t the same way it is done today.

A lot has also changed from just a year ago till date.

What does this tell you as an entrepreneur?

Top 4 Awesome Digital Business Ideas You Can Start With 15K Or Less Today


What if I told you that the digital ideas I am about to share with would work despite the very poor economic situation.

Will you believe me?

Well, I don’t need you to believe me just yet

There is only one way to find out….. Keep reading.

Some days back, I was scrolling through the popular Nigerian forum, nairaland as I always do, when I stumbled unto the post of a guy complaining about how the economy has brought his business to a halt.

He specifically complained about the power and fuel challenges


How To Make 6 Figures Selling Digital Products On The Internet Even If You Know Nothing


If you really want to make money on the internet, you have to give something of value in exchange for that money.

in clear terms you have to sell something, it is really as simple as that.

The best stuff you can sell on the internet are DIGITAL PRODUCTS

Digital products are mainly electronic products that you create once and keep selling over and over again.

These products are usually very cheap to create, sometimes at zero cost.

Some examples of digital products are:


How To Register Your Business With CAC: The A-Z Guide


You got here because you want to learn how to register your business with CAC right?

I will show you how I registered my Business Name all online without ever needing the services of any Lawyer.

Here are the steps to be followed to register your business with CAC.

  1. Check the public search to be sure that the name has never been used
  2. Conduct a name search and reserve your name
  3. Register your business and pay the fees.
  4. Upload your documents to the portal.
  5. Submit your hard copy documents to CAC and get your Certificate.

5 Ways To Grow Your Small Business Using The Internet


How can you grow your small business using the internet?

I get this question often from people who don’t have an idea about promoting their businesses online

Gone are the days where the definition of a small business owner was just the owner of a shop down the street…. that chemist or “mallam”.

Today, we have thousands of people across the world who don’t have shops or a business place, but are business owners.

Thankfully, the internet made it so.

You can now sell your products (both digital and physical) or service and grow your small business using the internet.

Facebook Ad Targeting: 3 Powerful Techniques To Reach Your Exact Audience


Proper facebook ad targeting is one phenomenon most online marketers haven’t been able to wrap their heads around.

I mean, you jump into facebook, create an advert, hoping for it to bring in great results, only for the ad to blow off right in your face….

Money, practically gone down the drain.

It can be really frustrating right?

I have been in that situation so many times until I started learning how facebook ad targeting really work.

I had a personal goal this year which I tagged “operation facebook must work”

This goal was to learn as much as possible about facebook ad targeting then reach out to more people and liberate them from their advertising misery.